Thumbnail image for Theapprentice.JPGHoward Ebison has been fired from Sir Alan Sugar’s Apprentice series after a closely fought task which saw him head to head with hospitality rival Yasmina Siadatan.

In this week’s show, Sir Alan asked the final six would-be apprentices to host an hour’s slot on a shopping channel. Although both teams managed to bumble their way through the task, Ignite, led by Howard and supported by Kate and Lorraine, failed to make enough money to keep themselves out of the boardroom.

Despite good presenting skills from Howard, Kate was described as performing like a “programmed robot” so Ignite struggled to sell enough of their products which included an air guitar, craft toys, some garish leather jackets and an innovative chip pan which only used one tablespoon of oil to cook a batch of chips.

Meanwhile, Yasmina’s team of Empire, which included Debra and James, opted for cheaper items (a remote-control toy car, ponchos, hairclips and a gardening tool) but managed to shift more of them.

howardebison_large01.jpgSo Howard’s team were forced to return to the boardroom. In summing up, Sir Alan said that Howard had been risk averse or as Nick put it “you’re not a big gun”.

Sir Alan continued that Howard was a “steady eddie” and although it was a difficult decision as all three contestants had come a long way, Howard was fired leaving James and four females to battle out the remaining tasks.

So Yasmina, it’s down to you now – can you do it for hospitality?