Theapprentice.JPGThis week, Sir Alan Sugar’s Apprentice hopefuls were asked to undertake a rebranding exercise, giving the seaside town of Margate a makeover.

Although this task was probably right up Howard Ebison’s street, Empire ended up being project managed by “bossy” Debra and included Mona Lewis and James as fellow team-mates. They decided to chase the pink pound and, in a braver move than the other team, rebrand Margate as a gay resort.

Meanwhile, Yasmina Siadatan headed up Ignite (made up of Kate, Lorraine and Ben) and went for the safe bet of making Margate more family friendly and thanks to a more consistent marketing campaign won the task.

Howard, who “had the ideas and Debra suppressed them”, according to Sir Alan, avoided being dragged into the boardroom (despite the wearing of a red shirt and matching red tie on the first day of the task – that’s got to be a yellow card).

Debra, James and Mona faced Sir Alan, Nick and Margaret in The Apprentice boardroom and after raising the fact that Mona hadn’t been behind the task from the outset and showed little commitment throughout (even though she attempted to converse with Margate’s resident he-she), Sir Alan decided that Mona should be fired.

So Hospitality Watch lives on to write another blog as our industry hopefuls Yasmina and Howard make it to the last seven.