Theapprentice.JPGNoorul Choudhury has been fired from Sir Alan Sugar’s The Apprentice programme after an auction-based team task went wrong.

Team leader Ben Clarke, who struggled to develop any strategy for the task, dragged Choudhury and Debra Barr into the boardroom, quietly confident that Choudhury was going to be fired.

The strategy for the boardroom, at least, paid off and Sir Alan, who had been irritated by Choudhury’s lack of presence in previous tasks, got shot of him.

While hospitality contestant Yasmina Siadatan was on the losing team, she managed to escape Clarke’s glare for most of the task and so was far from his mind when he was looking to blame someone. Over on the other team Howard Ebison, again quite quiet this week, managed to drift along with the other team to an OK success.