marco-and -linda.JPGIt appears that 2009 Hell’s Kitchen star Linda Evans found herself in hell well before filming even started on the ITV hit series.

According to “celebrity channel” Eleven, Evans, who played filthy rich Krystle Carrington in 1980s cult soap Dynasty, couldn’t bear the thought of leaving the Dorchester and sharing digs with her fellow contestants in a flat next to the kitchen.

Eleven says: “Evans threw a Dynasty-style strop and quit the programme when told by bosses she had to leave the hotel and move into the flat adjacent to the show’s kitchen.

It goes on to quote a source in The Sun who said: “She is not used to slumming it and wasn’t about to move in with eight strangers. As she saw it, ITV had already got her at a cut-price fee and this was taking the biscuit.”

Clearly someone talked her in to changing her mind as she managed to muck in the rest right up until yesterday when she cooked lunch for Raymond Blanc before beating Ade Edmondson in the final service.