Theapprentice.JPGHospitality stars Yasmina Siadatan and Howard Ebison managed to avoid Sir Alan’s cull last night on The Apprentice as Kimberly Davis, Lorraine Tighe and Philip Taylor were dragged into the boardroom to face the music.

Both teams were challenged to come up with a product and marketing campaign for a new, healthy breakfast cereal, but Ignite, led by New Yorker Davis confused advertising executives with their product “Wake Up Call” which, during its TV commercial, involved a super hero called Pants Man.

Ignite’s mixed message was Empire’s gain and the team, which included Siadatan, escaped the “Sir Alan’s ready for you” line from his clearly overworked and overstretched PA.

Ebison, meanwhile, who was on Ignite, had managed to keep a fairly low profile for the exercise (in spite of wearing what looked like a pair of my dad’s Y-fronts) but having managed not to irritate Davis quite as much as Tighe (who Davis has since branded a “Judas”) and Taylor (who lacked the “professionalism” to match his energy and passion) avoided the firing squad.

Sir Alan’s aide, Nick Hewer, said the three apprentices had taken “logic and tortured it until it screamed” in creating their campaign.

Ultimately, Davis, who claims to manage creatives rather than “create” herself, was fired, with Sir Alan’s parting shot: “Kimberly, you have a marketing background, you should have really walked this thing – you’re the most qualified.”

Still, at least gob-on-a-stick, Ben Clarke, wasn’t so annoying this week.