Theapprentice.JPGIt was a close shave for hospitality hopeful Yasmina Siadatan of Mya Lacarte this week as she was dragged into the boardroom in week 4 of Sir Alan Sugar’s The Apprentice.

Having been asked to design, create and brand two types of bodycare products, Empire came up with the best looking soap and shower gel, called Rock Poole, but went massively over budget by mixing up the prices of two natural products – sandalwood and cedarwood. 

Chemist and science teacher Noorul Choudhury, who was project manager of Ignite, limped his way through the project, but having managed the costs better his team won through.

So Empire project manager Paula Jones, who had taken Yasmina and Ben “I’ll bite their bloody teeth out” Clarke into the boardroom, had to face the music and it wasn’t long before her two support staff, supposedly responsible for costs, turned on their leader. Paula, ultimately, is fired.

While Ben clearly annoyed the pants off Sir Alan with his thug-like, weasely attack on anyone who gave him eye contact, Yasmina got a tongue-lashing from The Apprentice star who made it apparent that she really has to raise her game if she wants to stick around. “You’ve taken six steps forward,” Sir Alan told Yasmina, “and 10 steps back. You’ll have to be a project manager again.”

In the meantime, Howard Ebison of Mitchells & Butler fame, who was on Ignite kept a reasonable but relatively low profile this week.

Next week, the 11 remaining candidates are asked to create a healthy cereal for kids “that doesn’t scare the the parents” (whatever that means).

I can only hope that with another food-based task, our hospitality stars stay in and Ben Clarke, Mr “I-won-a-scholarship-to-Sandhurst”-did-you-take-it?-”no”, gets the boot.


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