Theapprentice.JPGWeek three and having lost Rocky Andrews, one of our hospitality hopefuls last week, our remaining catering-based competitors managed to evade Sir Alan’s glare in this week’s episode of The Apprentice.

The two teams were mixed up this week so that we no longer had “the girls” and “the boys”. The challenge – to come up with a sports product – seemed to have both teams in a lather and ironically Ignite, led by Debra, which struggled to come up with a concept, ultimately won the task with a landslide victory.

Empire, meanwhile, led by James, had created a home multi tone gym which, despite being innovative, looked like a large shoe-cleaning kit – or a “lump of wood”, as Sir Alan chose to describe it.

James, though, failed to point out how disappointed he was with the final product although later declared (to camera) that it looked like a back-to-front telly with its wires hanging out of it.

Anyway, ultimately, Majid Nagra got it in the neck for “hanging around on the periphery”, leaving 12 candidates including the hospitality entrants Yasmina and Howard (who, incidentally, went to my son’s school in Surrey) remaining for the ultimate six-figure-salary job.

Next week the task surrounds bodycare products – let’s hope our guys come out smelling of roses.