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Mark Hix.jpgHix Oyster & Chop House
supremo, Mark Hix has some interesting things to say about surviving and thriving in the recession. Writing in the Independent, Hix offers the following pearls of wisdom to struggling operators:

  • “The most damaging expense for restaurateurs isn’t wages, rent or even food – it’s losing customers.”
  • “Value is key, and … means being more careful about what you’re spending, yet still giving your customers quality food.”
  • “Give your customers choice. A lot of restaurateurs think they have to have every starter under £10 and every main under £20, but it’s more sensible to have a range … If you don’t give people the option to spend more, they’re not going to.”
  • “Restaurants can’t afford to fall out with their suppliers. Too many people take advantage by not paying on time, but the industry needs to tighten up on this. You wouldn’t walk into a restaurant as a customer and say, “Do you mind if I pay for my dinner in two months?”.
  • “There isn’t any one thing you can do to stay strong, but if you’ve got good food and a good atmosphere, you’re halfway there.”