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Taj Palace.jpgA story on the Considerate Hoteliers Asssociation blog reveals a heartening dose of stiff upper lip and adherence to standards shown by hotel staff caught up in recent events in Mumbai’s Taj Palace Hotel.

“11 hotel staff at the Taj Palace died in the atrocities in Mumbai, many whilst trying to take guestst to safety. We salute their heroic action for which many of the guests probably owe their lives. A tale that has emanated from the hotel in the aftermath of the debacle goes something like this. After it was all over and guests were leaving the hotel, one guest went behind the bar and grabbed a bottle of champane and several glasses. Asked what he was doing by a member of staff, the guest said that after such an ordeal people needed a drink and did the staff member have a problem with this? “Not at all” came the reply, “but Sir, you have the wrong glasses”.