Mastercheflogo.jpgIn it’s early days I wasn’t exactly compelled to watch Masterchef, the BBC2 series, but I did find it easy, Sunday afternoon viewing if I happened to be in. 

Over the past few years – as it has slowly increased the involvement of the professional trade – I have found that I have enjoyed it more and more. But I wouldn’t say I plan my social diary around it – unlike some of my friends.

In the last week, however, I feel like I’ve been receiving subliminal messages from the makers of Masterchef. Last week I attend the London Restaurant Awards, where John Torode presented an award with recent Celebrity Masterchef winner Liz McClarnon. Yesterday, at a bash in the ‘burbs, a woman was telling me that she records every programme and religiously watches it in bed (I bet her husband loves that).

And now I’ve just stumbled upon The Guardian’s Word of Mouth Blog, which suggests that the latest incarnation of the programme, Masterchef: The Professionals, with Gregg Wallace and new presenter Michel Roux Jnr is a Masterchef too far.

But I’m interested to know what the industry thinks about it.

Tell me, do you tune in or turn off?