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Wales.jpgStrange goings on at Visit Wales, whose marketing department has just pinged me an email flagging up its idiosyncratic new website.

“Do a spur of the moment walk”, implores the email; “do a really ancient castle. Do funny-looking mushroom picking. Then do surfing. Really. We have bigger waves in autumn that at any other time of the year.”

Click through to the Visit Wales site, and you’re dazzled by a riot of colours and numbers. Apparently, the Principality boasts 20,273 shades of green, among them mushy pea green, apple green and olive green; 107,000 plant species; 3,388,000 things to do; yellow hotels, green campsite, purple B&Bs, blue hostels and turquoise self-catering options.

Methinks the copywriters responsible for the site might have been sampling a few of those funny-looking mushrooms …