Had you realised that its been six months since Valentine’s Day? No? Not on my radar either.

But, apparently, today is the most unromantic day of the year.

According to Accolade, “a luxury new cooking appliance brand from Stoves”, the last week in August has the fewest references to “I love you” on the internet, the University of Sydney carried out a study on moods and found that Wednesday was the lowest day of the week, people are currently suffering from post-bank holiday syndrome, and sales of Champagne generally take a plunge in August.

In addition to this unequivocal evidence – and to compound matters further for any lovebirds out there – the football season has of course just kicked off while cricket and F1 still continue to thwart our lives.

Still not convinced? Well has also announced a drop in bookings for tables for two in August, down 11% from February.

But don’t worry, all is not lost. Accolade is asking UK residents to send in their most romantic recipes to win a chance of receiving £1,000-worth of Accolade integrated kitchen products.

Simply send your recipe to