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Sardine.jpgCongratulations to Aidan Brooks, the twenty year-old chef from Hackney whose eponymous blog has justed celebrated its second birthday.

Aidan’s first blog, back in August 2006, described a dinner of sardine salad and fruit salad he had just cooked for his brother and his brother’s girlfriend. The meal was eaten “with a selection of wines to commiserate Phillips Idowu’s failure to win a medal at the triple-jump earlier in the day. Still – there’s always another day.” Indeed there is: two years on, Phillips has just qualified for the Olympic triple jump final.

I like Aidan’s blog because it provides a window on his life. Over the last two years we’ve seen him prpgress from being a trainee chef in London, to working full time at Barcelona’s Commerc24.

Which Hospitality blogs do you go back to time after time? Let us know.