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webawards_173x173.jpgSo you want to raise the profile of your hospitality business? Do you:

a/ employ a student to stroll up and down your local high street wearing a sandwich board advertising your company;

b/ rely on word of mouth; or

c/ establish a website that carries all the information your prospective customers need to know about your and provides an appealling shop window for your business?

If you voted “c”, yours sounds like just the sort of business we are looking to celebrate in the Caterer Group’s latest awards scheme. The Caterersearch.com Web Awards have been created to recognise the best websites in the industry and reward the organisations and individuals involved in designing, managing, marketing or promoting them.

Categories span the full range of hospitality operations, large and small, group and independent; and there are also awards for the digital marketing campaign and interactive feature of the year.

Websites will be judged on visual design, innovation, content, interactivity, ease of use, commercial success or potential and overall user experience. And, since our judging panel will base its decisions largely by scrutinising your site, the Web Awards are very easy to enter. All you need to do is send us your site address and a brief explanation of what you think is good about it, and we’ll do the rest.

 For further details go to www.caterersearch.com/webawards.

Good luck!