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Milestone-Hotel-Kensington-resized.jpgDo you offer turndowns for terriers, welcome packs for westies or massages for mastiffs? If so, you might be in line for an award from the Kennel Club for your efforts. The club has launched a competition to find the UK’s most dog-friendly businesses as part of its Open for Dogs campaign.

Dog lovers can nominate venues in five categories: Somewhere to Eat, Somewhere to Sleep, Somewhere to Drink, Somewhere to Visit, Self-catering holidays or in the ‘other’ category, which incorporates all other public places.

The thinking behind the competition is that, as the credit crunch spurs more Brits to take summer holidays at home, dog owners will need to be able identify places in their area that are geared up to serving our four-legged friends. According to the club’s press release, this could amount to innovative hound-focussed services or “simply a bowl of clean water or the promise of a friendly smile”.

So, in your staff briefing this morning, make sure you tell your team to offer a broad grin to any mutts they encounter through the course of the day – who knows, it might just win you the Kennel Club’s Champion Dog Bowl.