Buzz-logo_150x150.gifThis week is launching an exciting new mobile phone-based advertising service called Buzz.
Adverts could be for anything from chefs looking to find work in a specific region to distributors selling new or used catering equipment or owner operators selling their independent hotel or restaurant.
How does it work? Well if you’re looking to sell any furniture or equipment, Buzz enables you to create an advert online by sending a text message from your mobile phone. It’s simple and it costs just £3* (plus your standard network operator charge) to send the initial message with an optional picture or video.

You can also tag your advert with useful keywords and your location, making it easy for potential buyers to find it. Once created, your advert will be available online at for 28 days.
Products currently for sale include commercial kitchen equipment, furniture and lots more. To view what’s for sale visit
By Amanda Afiya